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Furniture and the Decline of Civilization

  If what I learned at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City is true, our civilization is definitely on the decline. The museum had this little display of bowls, which went from crude to elegant and back to … Continue reading

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Finding World Peace through a Kaleidoscope of Music

When my son was only a few weeks old, I decided that a good mother should soothe her baby with lullabies. So, I attempted to sing one—well, not actually sing—more like hum. And the song was not a lullaby, but … Continue reading

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How to Make a Cookie Crumble

The only thing I have successfully made in the kitchen is a mess—and several small fires. ~ Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City It all started with the rose water. Well, maybe I should back up. Actually, it all started … Continue reading

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The Bookcase

The day after Christmas, baby Jesus figurines were 50 percent off the original price. Purchasing baby Jesus netted an extra 75 percent off Mary and Joseph. The wise men could be had for pennies on the dollar and mangers were … Continue reading

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