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Furniture and the Decline of Civilization

  If what I learned at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City is true, our civilization is definitely on the decline. The museum had this little display of bowls, which went from crude to elegant and back to … Continue reading

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Hot in LA

The Sunset Strip in Los Angeles is known for its unconventionality—a freewheeling, act-as-crazy-as-you-want place where people see life as a big movie audition. One never knows if what is happening is really happening, or if it is just another film shoot. … Continue reading

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Geishas with Guns

Sharing my art is how I express joy. It is also how I vent my frustration. I used to paint pictures of pretty flowers and bucolic scenes. Now, my work sports geishas with guns and ballerinas with baseball bats. Today, … Continue reading

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Finding the Sun in Vancouver

“Maybe I should pour something for you that is a little more calming,” the sleepy-eyed, Seattle coffee shop barista remarked. Agitated with his slow service, I responded by rolling my eyes and loudly drumming my fingers on the counter. The … Continue reading

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Thirty-nine Trips Around the Sun

I can not believe that since our wedding day, my husband and I have made 39 trips around the sun on Planet Earth together. The memories of this voyage float around my brain like pictures taken from an orbiting spacecraft. … Continue reading

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Shady Leaves on a Family Tree

I was drowning in a sea of dead relatives. My cousin had sent me the link to one of those online ancestry sites where she built a family tree that rivaled the reach of Jack’s beanstalk, and had branches that … Continue reading

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According to the latest information, January 2012’s Chinese Year of the fire-breathing Dragon will roast 2011’s Year of the Silly Wabbit, and bring forth new beginnings, good fortune and luck. Chinese New Year always brings back memories of when I … Continue reading

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Sand Dollars

Fill my pockets with sand dollars instead of real ones; and tell me again that I’m beautiful even though we both know you are lying. Capture the sunlight in your smile and the moonlight in your kiss, as we stand … Continue reading

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How to Make a Cookie Crumble

The only thing I have successfully made in the kitchen is a mess—and several small fires. ~ Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City It all started with the rose water. Well, maybe I should back up. Actually, it all started … Continue reading

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The Yurt

As I sadly watched the dismantling of the yurt where I practiced yoga, the words of Yogi Berra came to mind, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” In spite of the fact that Berra had … Continue reading

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