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I live a gypsy’s life. I dance to the music in my head when no one else is looking. I can hear the stars sing, taste the sky, and see music in living color. I talk to animals. And the homeless. I believe that open fields are for flowers, critters, running, and making love – not war. I love to feel the sand between my toes, the wind in my hair, and the rain on my face. I often contradict myself. No I don’t. I hate to drive and sometimes hit the curb when I park. When I am bored, I fantasize about being a famous Broadway star. I do not know how to merge, speak Lithuanian or cook. I am West Coast in a Jersey sort of way. I can not tell a lie with a straight face. I think there should be an “off” switch for obnoxious, loud or boring people. I keep a sleeping bag in my truck in case I simply don’t want to leave. I once owned a heavyweight belt signed by Mohammad Ali. I am loved. Most importantly, I cherish each day as if it were my last.

For Talisse

I wrote this for my new granddaughter: When I look in your eyes, I hear the soft strumming of a mandolin, punctuated by finger cymbals. The universe celebrates your birth by dancing a giddy Tarantella led by a magic dragon strewn in … Continue reading

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My Fifteen Minutes of Fame

  On a Cheer Day, I can See Forever Lisa Ann K‎ National Football Cheerleaders Alumni Organization – Philadelphia Chapter ALUMNI OF THE WEEK: Patricia Alfano 1965-1968 It was 1965, and I was trying to find myself—not that I was ever … Continue reading

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Furniture and the Decline of Civilization

  If what I learned at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City is true, our civilization is definitely on the decline. The museum had this little display of bowls, which went from crude to elegant and back to … Continue reading

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Hot in LA

The Sunset Strip in Los Angeles is known for its unconventionality—a freewheeling, act-as-crazy-as-you-want place where people see life as a big movie audition. One never knows if what is happening is really happening, or if it is just another film shoot. … Continue reading

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Geishas with Guns

Sharing my art is how I express joy. It is also how I vent my frustration. I used to paint pictures of pretty flowers and bucolic scenes. Now, my work sports geishas with guns and ballerinas with baseball bats. Today, … Continue reading

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Finding the Sun in Vancouver

“Maybe I should pour something for you that is a little more calming,” the sleepy-eyed, Seattle coffee shop barista remarked. Agitated with his slow service, I responded by rolling my eyes and loudly drumming my fingers on the counter. The … Continue reading

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Weekly Writing Challenge–A Diverse Manner of Speaking

My friend still speaks with a New Jersey accent—but it is now laced with a Texas twang. Although he spent his formative years on the East Coast, his move to Austin, Texas affected his speech. A typical sentence from him … Continue reading

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